On July 5th 2007 our elders and intellectuals conducted a meeting to start an association for the Somali Bantu in Fort Worth Texas. With the help of Minister Hamilton and Sharon Armstrong from Search South side Community and Daniel J. Vanlahman Deputy director of Somali Bantu projects encouraged us to open an office for the Somali Bantu Association of Fort Worth. We started preparations for opening the Somali Bantu Association office in Fort Worth from July 1st to February 10th 2008
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We were proud to announce the opening the Somali Bantu Association office in Fort Worth on Tuesday August 4th. We hosted a grand opening celebration to encourage the launch of the Somali Bantu Association of Fort Worth, in this ceremony were many attendees from various agencies. In the ceremony the President of the association gave a speech concerning the history of the Somali Bantu, and their plans to promote self-sufficiency within the community, which the participants received with high spirits. We hope that the steps that we have taken will encourage other refugees to develop offices, especially the Somali Bantu’s that have been resettled in other parts of the United States of America. 

 Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the Somali  Bantu Community in Tarrant County Area with assistance to become self-sufficient providing education, access to technology, and assistance to integrate into the American society. Also to reach out to other, under-served Communities.
Programs and services

  • Job search assistance and referrals
  • Family crisis intervention
  •  Educational programs (women encouraged to attend!)
  • English as a second language tutoring and classes
  • Interpretation and document translation services
  • Housing assistance and referrals 
  • Community resource referrals     
  • Notary Public
  • Financial aid information
  • Assistance in completing various government documents
  • School registration information
  • Appointment and Transportations
  • Citizenship classes Sports and Youth